Costa Chica Cooperative


Our Costa Chica honey is produced by a cooperative of rural beekeepers in the southwest corner of Oaxaca, Mexico, between ocean and mountains, along the Guerrero border. In 2014 we were fortunate to meet Eduardo and Jean, our U.S. Costa Chica honey importers, who were both born, and continue to have roots, in Mexico.

The Costa Chica cooperative allows the beekeepers to benefit from shared resources, promoting the development and improvement of the social and economic conditions of their rural communities. As the cooperative evolves, fewer young people have to leave their local communities for employment in urban areas.

The Costa Chica area is abundant in plant diversity which the bees encourage through their pollination. The rich honey produced from these tropical nectars can be described as exotic and spicy (not hot), with notes of anise, fennel, and licorice, a citrusy undertone, and slightly crunchy texture. The Costa Chica honey makes a fantastic lemonade and is a great addition to both sweet and savory recipes as well as charcuterie platters. Try it in a raw fennel citrus salad or with a ripe avocado. Both are incredible topped with pistachios!

The beekeepers' practices and the wild terrain allow the honey to be produced according to USDA organic certification standards. Although the Costa Chica honey is Certified Organic, we are unable to label it as such as our bottling facility is not certified. We do small batch bottling and are careful to keep all our honeys separate to maintain their integrity.