Kirk Webster


Kirk Webster is a long-time treatment-free beekeeper and bee breeder who maintains his bees and his homestead in the Middlebury area of the Champlain Valley, Vermont. Kirk's roots in organic farming gave him the principles and ideals that have driven his beekeeping practices. Kirk is a writer, educator, and visionary . His life's work is focused on maintaining and promoting connections to nature and complex ecological relationships in an ever increasingly industrial world. Through his inspiration and generous sharing, the knowledge that he has acquired and the beekeeping systems that he has developed have become the backbone of many successful small beekeeping operations.

Kirk runs most of his treatment-free beekeeping operation alone. He makes much of his own equipment, including pressed wax foundation from his bees' clean, recycled wax. His bee genetics are in high demand and he maintains a waiting list for his nucleus colonies and queens.

The Vermont bees live in stationary locations and create their harvestable surplus honey in the summer, mostly from linden trees, clover, and alfalfa. The light-yellow honey has a slightly fruity lemony taste from the linden trees, and a creamy texture that melts on the tongue. A universal crowd pleaser, our Vermont honey is delicious in tea, spread on toast with butter or olive oil, and served with soft, ripe, cheeses. Yummy in salad dressings – and in coffee and chai!