Pollen Fermentation

Pollen Fermentation The fermentation of pollen is one of the miracles of the hive. The details are astounding. Our curiosity into the subject led us to perform a kitchen table … Read more

Small Cell Studies

Small Cell Studies There have been widely reported (and widely misinterpreted, I might add) studies trying to evaluate small cell wrt mite issues. I have some thoughts that I will … Read more

Two Story Nucs

Two Story Nucs I just got the following question via email from a beekeeper on the Organic Beekeeping list: Dean, I was browsing through your photos and saw one with … Read more

Where To Get Bees?

Where To Get Bees? As winter moves into spring, we keep getting more and more people asking us, “where should I buy bees”? Ideally, there is a beekeeper near you … Read more