Gilliam Archive

Gilliam Archive Martha Gilliam did pioneering research on the microbes that inhabit the bee and the beehive. Her work was widely published during her career, but a bit difficult to … Read more

Microbe References

Microbe References Dean and I had a magical experience in Arizona in 2008, that sparked an ongoing passion to understand the relationships between microbes and bees. Here are some of … Read more

Queen Rearing Calendar

Queen Rearing Calendar Queen rearing is largely about timing…and since we have a busy summer coming, I was about to drag out a calendar, the queen rearing book, and start … Read more

Free Old Books

Free Old Books We treasure our old beekeeping books for many reasons. We love the smell, the feel, and the knowledge that a beekeeper from days long gone kept this … Read more

Bees Only Work Up?

Bees Only Work Up? When bees first move into an EMPTY cavity, they don’t cluster at the bottom and build comb up to the top…they cluster at the top and … Read more

Pollen Fermentation

Pollen Fermentation The fermentation of pollen is one of the miracles of the hive. The details are astounding. Our curiosity into the subject led us to perform a kitchen table … Read more

Small Cell Studies

Small Cell Studies There have been widely reported (and widely misinterpreted, I might add) studies trying to evaluate small cell wrt mite issues. I have some thoughts that I will … Read more

Two Story Nucs

Two Story Nucs I just got the following question via email from a beekeeper on the Organic Beekeeping list: Dean, I was browsing through your photos and saw one with … Read more

Where To Get Bees?

Where To Get Bees? As winter moves into spring, we keep getting more and more people asking us, “where should I buy bees”? Ideally, there is a beekeeper near you … Read more