Video: Hive Seven Swarms On A Wedding Morn'

Here is where Dee Lusby hives 7 swarms, and I provide narration.

This video was filmed on April 12, 2008...a few hours before Dee performed an official wedding ceremony in the desert, and Ramona and Dean were married.
It is an old German folk tradition that to insure a good marriage, 7 swarms should be hived on the morning of the wedding. (well, not really, but it sounds good)

The traps and bags were provided by Dee to some of the local golf courses...before tournaments (where there were pro players and the public on site), the courses would pay someone to bag up the occupied traps, and drop them off at Dee's place. These traps were on her porch when we returned from the field 2 days earlier (with no warning). We soaked down the bags (which are breathable), and left them in the can see they were no worse for the wear.

- Dean