Bob Brachmann’s New York State Honey


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Bob Brachmann produces his honey in rural bee yards in western New York State, 50 miles south of Buffalo. His pale-yellow honey, predominantly from asters and goldenrod, has a velvety buttery taste and texture with a perfumy floral finish and is known as the “candycorn” honey. Some batches of Bob’s honey are darker from the addition of knotweed nectar. This honey tastes like “candycorn” with a twist, and is known as the “complex New York”. A favorite straight out of the jar, in sauces and marinades, this honey is incredible in a mug of hot milk with fresh grated nutmeg! Try it as the sweetener in a homemade basil-peach pie (!!!).

Click here to read more about Bob Brachmann and his method of beekeeping.

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