Golden Rule Variety Gift Crate



This crate includes 3 oz jars of Kirk Webster’s Vermont Honey, Bob Brachmann’s New York Honey, and Costa Chica Mexican Honey!

Kirk Webster produces his honey in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, in the Middlebury area. The Vermont bees live in stationary locations and create their harvestable surplus honey in the summer, mostly from linden trees, clover, and alfalfa. Kirk’s light-yellow honey has a slightly fruity lemony taste from the linden trees, and a creamy texture that melts on the tongue. A universal crowd pleaser, our Vermont honey is delicious in tea, spread on toast with butter or olive oil, and served with soft, ripe, cheeses. Yummy in salad dressings – and in coffee and chai!

Bob Brachmann produces his honey in rural bee yards in western New York State, 50 miles south of Buffalo. His pale-yellow honey, predominantly from asters and goldenrod, has a velvety buttery taste and texture with a perfumy floral finish and is known as the “candycorn” honey. Some batches of Bob’s honey are darker from the addition of knotweed nectar. This honey tastes like “candycorn” with a twist, and is known as the “complex New York”. A favorite straight out of the jar, in sauces and marinades, this honey is incredible in a mug of hot milk with fresh grated nutmeg! Try it as the sweetener in a homemade basil-peach pie (!!!).

Costa Chica Mexican honey is produced in southwestern Oaxaca, in the extremely remote Costa Chica region, between ocean and mountains near the border of Guerrero, by a cooperative of indigenous beekeepers. A complex variety of native wild plants contribute to this honey’s exotic nature – spicy (not hot), with notes of fennel, anise, and licorice, a citrusy undertone and a slightly crunchy texture. The Costa Chica honey makes a fantastic lemonade and is a great addition to both sweet and savory recipes as well as charcuterie platters. Try it in a raw fennel citrus salad or with a ripe avocado. Both are incredible topped with pistachios!

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